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Communications of the ACM Column

Contracting for AI: promise and perils

Mari Sako (April 2023)

Communications of the ACM, Vol.66 No.4, pp20-23.

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Global supply chain disruption and resilience

Mari Sako (April 2022)

Communications of the ACM, Vol.65 No.4, pp20-22.

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From remote work to working anywhere

Mari Sako (April 2021)

Communications of the ACM, Vol.64 No.4, pp18-21.

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Artificial intelligence and the future of professional work

Mari Sako (December 2020)

Communications of the ACM, Vol.63 No.4, pp.25-27.

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Free trade in a digital world

Mari Sako (April 2019)

Communications of the ACM, Vol.62 No.4, pp.18-21.

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Business ecosystems: how do they matter for innovation?

Mari Sako (April 2018)

Communications of the ACM, Vol.61 No.4, pp.20-22.

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The need for corporate diplomacy

Mari Sako (April 2016)

Communications of the ACM, Vol.59 No.4, pp.33-35.

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Competing in emerging markets

Mari Sako (April 2015)

Communications of the ACM, Vol.58 No.4, pp.27-29.

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The business of the state

Mari Sako (July 2014)

Communications of the ACM, Vol.57 No.7, pp.28-30.

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The business of professionals

Mari Sako (July 2013)

Communications of the ACM, Vol.56 No.7, pp. 30-34. 

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Business models in strategy and innovation

Mari Sako (July 2012)

Communications of the ACM, Vol.55 No.7, pp. 22-24.

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Driving power in global supply chains

Mari Sako (July 2011)

Communications of the ACM, Vol.54 No.7, pp. 23-25.

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Outsourcing versus Shared Services

Mari Sako (July 2010)

Communications of the ACM, Vol.53 No.7, pp.27-29.

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Globalization of Knowledge-Intensive Professional Services

Mari Sako (July 2009)

Communications of the ACM, Vol.52 No.7, pp.31-33.

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Other Articles in Refereed Journals

Future of Professional Work: Evidence from Legal Jobs in Britain and the US

Mari Sako, Matthias Qian, and Jacopo Attolini (2022)

Journal of Prefessions and Organization, 9(2): 143-169

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The Effect of Coordination Requirements on Sourcing Decisions: Evidence from Patent Prosecution Services

Chondrakis, G., Melero E. and Sako, M. (2022)

Strategic Management Journal, 43(6): 1141-69

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When My Suppliers Change My Boundaries

Chondrakis, G. and Sako, M. (2020)

Strategic Management Journal, 41(9): 1682-1711

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AI-enabled Business Models in Legal Services: From Law Firms to Next Generation Law Companies?

(Winner of the 2020 Best Paper Award)

Armour, J. and Sako, M. (2020)

Journal of Professions and Organization, 7(1): 27-46.

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Supplier Strategy to Shape Governance and Profit from Upgrading: A Management Studies Approach to Global Value Chains

Sako, M. and Zylberberg, E. (2019)

Socio-Economic Review, 17(3), pp. 687-707

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How do plural-sourcing firms make and buy? Impact of supplier portfolio design

Sako, M., Chondrakis, G. and Vaaler, P. (2016)

Organization Science, Vol.27 No.5, pp. 1161-1182.

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Professionals between market and hierarchy: a comparative political economy perspective

Sako, M. (2013)

Socio-Economic Review, Vol.11 Issue 1, pp. 185-212

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Profiting from business model innovation: Evidence from Pay-As-You-Drive auto insurance

Desyllas, P. and Sako, M. (2013)

Research Policy, Vol.42 Issue 1, pp. 101-116.

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The Unbundling of Corporate Functions: the Evolution of Shared Services and Outsourcing in Human Resource Management

Gospel, H. and Sako, M. (2010)

Industrial and Corporate Change, Vol.19 Issue 5, pp. 1367-1396.

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Management Innovation in Supply Chain: Appreciating Chandler in the Twenty-First Century

Helper, S. and Sako, M. (2010)

Industrial and Corporate Change, Vol.19 Issue 2, pp. 399-429.

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Do Industries Matter?

Sako, M. (2008)

Labour Economics, Vol.15 No.4, pp.674-687.

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Outsourcing and Offshoring: Implications for Productivity of Business Services

Sako, M. (2006)

Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Vol.22 No.4, pp.499-512.

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Strategy Meets Institutional Analysis: The Transformation of Management-Labour Relations at Deutsche Telekom and NTT

Sako, M. and Jackson, M. (2006)

Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Vol.31, pp.347-366.

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Does Embeddedness Imply Limits to Within-Country Diversity?

Sako, M. (2005)

British Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol.43 Issue 4, pp.585-592.

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Supplier development at Honda, Nissan and Toyota: comparative case studies of organizational capability enhancement

Sako, M. (2004)

Industrial and Corporate Change, Vol.13 Issue 2, pp.281-308.

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From Individual Skills to Organizational Capability in Japan

Sako, M. (1999)

Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Vol.15 No.1, pp.114-126.

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The nature and impact of employee ‘voice’ in the European car components industry

Sako, M. (1998)

Human Resource Management Journal, Vol.8 No.2, pp.5-13.

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Determinants of Trust in Supplier Relations: Evidence from the Automotive Industry in Japan and the United States

Sako, M. and Helper, S. (1998)

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Vol. 34, pp.387-417.

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Suppliers Associations in the Japanese Auto Industry: Collective Action for Technology Diffusion?

Sako, M. (1996)

Cambridge Journal of Economics, Vol. 20 No.6, pp.651-671.

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Supplier Relations in Japan and the United States: Are They Converging?

Helper, S. R. and Sako, M. (1995)

Sloan Management Review, Vol.35 No.3, pp.77-84.

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Institutional Aspects of Youth Employment and Training Policy: a Comment on Marsden and Ryan

Sako, M. (1991)

British Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol.29 Issue 3, pp.485-90.

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Teaching and Testing: the Role of the State in Japan

Dore, R. and Sako, M. (1988)

Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Vol.4 No.3, pp.72-81.

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