Launch of the report "Technology and Innovation in Legal Services" for the Solicitors Regulation Authority

(27 July 2021)

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) commissioned the University of Oxford to investigate current and emerging innovations and uses of technology in the legal sector, in order to identify where and how the SRA can support progress and help to remove barriers to innovation and tech adoption.

The report launch event was chaired by the Solicitors Regulation Authority Chair, Anna Bradley. Professor Mari Sako makes a short presentation of the key findings, followed by Q&A and panel discussion with Jenifer Swallow (Tech Nation), Ewan Willars (Amplified Global), and Tracy Vegro (SRA Director of Strategy and Innovation).

Read the full report here.

MPM Conference 2016: Women in Leadership

(11 November 2016)

Held at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, and featuring an array of distinguished speakers and a varied agenda, the theme of the conference was: 'Legacy of Major Programmes: Making Good on our Promises’.

This video features Professor Mari Sako as moderator, and Allie MacAdam, Chris Dering, Julie Taylor and Marcia Favale-Tarter sitting on the panel.

Read more about the MSc in Major Programme Management at the University of Oxford.

GCN Interview on General Counsel & Innovation

(4 November 2016)

General Counsel Netherlands is the largest knowledge network of General Counsel in the Netherlands. GCN offers a platform for the modern General Counsel to exchange information and experiences, transfer knowledge and network.

GCN addresses the challenges and future needs of General Counsel, Chief Legal Officers, Heads of Legal and other ultimate responsible in-house counsels, and is a source for information, education, best practices and networking opportunities.

Webinar: Global Rules of the Game – Executive Degree Sample Lecture

(12 June 2015)

Given by Mari Sako, Professor of Management Studies and Co-Director of the Centre for Professional Service Firms, this webinar discusses different ways in which businesses address world-scale problems by creating, maintaining, and changing the global rules of the game.

This webinar is intended to deepen your understanding of how corporate and entrepreneurial leaders influence the rule-making and rule-enforcing mechanisms at national and international levels. It provides novel contemporary insights into business-government relations, stakeholder engagement, and reputation management.